Attribute flags
[Credential attributes]

Detailed Description


#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_REQUIRED   0x00000008
 The attribute is required.
#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_COMPUTED   0x00000010
 The attribute is computed.
#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_SYSTEM   0x00000020
 System attribute.
#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_HIDDEN   0x00000040
#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_PROPERTY   0x00000080
#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_VOLATILE   0x00000100
#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_ALTVIEW   0x00000200
 Alternate view.
#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_TRANSIENT   0x00000400
 Transient attribute.

Define Documentation

#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_ALTVIEW   0x00000200

Alternate view.

The attribute is actually an alternate representation of another attribute. The Canonical attribute name is specified in alt_id.

Sometimes a certain attribute may need to be represented in different ways. You can register multiple attributes for each view. However, you should also provide a canonical attribute for whenever the canonical set of attributes of the credential is required.

#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_COMPUTED   0x00000010

The attribute is computed.

If this flag is set, the compute_cb, compute_min_cbsize and compute_max_cbsize members of the kcdb_attrib attribute descriptor must be assigned valid values.

#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_HIDDEN   0x00000040


The attribute is not meant to be displayed to the user. Setting this flag prevents this attribute from being listed in the list of available data fields in the UI.

#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_PROPERTY   0x00000080


The attribute is a property. The main difference between regular attributes and properties are that properties are not allocated off the credentials record. Hence, a property can not be used as a credentials field. Other objects such as identities can hold property sets. A property set can hold both regular attributes as well as properties.

#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_SYSTEM   0x00000020

System attribute.

This cannot be specified for a custom attribute. Implies that the value of the attribute is given by the credentials database itself.

#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_TRANSIENT   0x00000400

Transient attribute.

A transient attribute is one whose absence is meaningful. When updating one record using another, if a transient attribute is absent in the source but present in the destination, then the attribute is removed from the destination.

#define KCDB_ATTR_FLAG_VOLATILE   0x00000100


A volatile property is one whose value changes often, such as KCDB_ATTR_TIMELEFT. Some controls will make use of additional logic to deal with such values, or not display them at all.

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