Credential sets and individual credentials
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 Credential sets


typedef khm_int32(KHMAPI *) kcdb_cred_apply_func (khm_handle cred, void *rock)
 Credentials process function.
typedef khm_int32(KHMAPI *) kcdb_cred_filter_func (khm_handle cred, khm_int32 flags, void *rock)
 Credentials filter function.
typedef khm_int32(KHMAPI *) kcdb_cred_comp_func (khm_handle cred1, khm_handle cred2, void *rock)
 Credentials compare function.

Typedef Documentation

typedef khm_int32(KHMAPI *) kcdb_cred_apply_func(khm_handle cred, void *rock)

Credentials process function.

This function is called for each credential in a credential set when supplied to kcdb_credset_apply(). It should return KHM_ERROR_SUCCESS to continue the operation, or any other value to terminate the processing.

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typedef khm_int32(KHMAPI *) kcdb_cred_comp_func(khm_handle cred1, khm_handle cred2, void *rock)

Credentials compare function.

Asserts a weak ordering on the credentials that are passed in as cred1 and cred2. It should return:

typedef khm_int32(KHMAPI *) kcdb_cred_filter_func(khm_handle cred, khm_int32 flags, void *rock)

Credentials filter function.

Should return non-zero if the credential passed as cred is to be "accepted". The precise consequence of a non-zero return value is determined by the individual function that this call back is passed into.

This function should not call any other function which may modify cred.

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