Duration sliders
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Detailed Description

The duration sliders in the UI are pseudo-log-scaled. This is based on the assumption that people don't really need 1 minute accuracy when setting a duration that's several hours long. As a result, it is easier to hone in on the duration that you want without having wizardly mouse maneuvering skillz.

Following are the duration ranges and the granularity that is offered in each range:

Range Increment
0..5m 1 min
5m..1hr 5 min
1hr..4hr 15 min
4hr..10hr 30 min
10hr..24hr1 hr
24hr..4d 6 hr
4d.. 1 day

We don't really adjust for durations over 4 days. The ranges we are concerned with don't get much larger.

For the purpose of writing this piece of code, I have chosen the term "tick" to refer to a period of granularity. The number of periods of granularity (inclusive) within a certain duration interval is referred to as the number of ticks in the interval. For example, there are 4 ticks between the interval of 3 minutes to 10 minutes. Each occuring at the start of 3min, 4, 5 and 10mins. And thusly the slider control will display 4 ticks if it is displaying the interval 3-10mins.

Data Structures

struct  tag_khui_tracker
 Tracker data. More...


typedef tag_khui_tracker khui_tracker
 Tracker data.


KHMEXP void KHMAPI khui_tracker_install (HWND hwnd_edit, khui_tracker *tc)
 Install a tracker into an edit control.
KHMEXP void KHMAPI khui_tracker_reposition (khui_tracker *tc)
KHMEXP void KHMAPI khui_tracker_initialize (khui_tracker *tc)
KHMEXP void KHMAPI khui_tracker_refresh (khui_tracker *tc)
KHMEXP void KHMAPI khui_tracker_kill_controls (khui_tracker *tc)

Function Documentation

KHMEXP void KHMAPI khui_tracker_install ( HWND  hwnd_edit,
khui_tracker tc 

Install a tracker into an edit control.

Once installed, the edit control becomes a duration editor. The tracker data structure that is supplied should remain as is for the lifetime of the edit control.

The tracker strucutre should have been initialized with a call to khui_tracker_initialize() and should have valid values in the min, max and current fields.

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