tag_kcdb_credtype Struct Reference
[NetIDMgr Credentials DatabaseCredential types]

#include <kcreddb.h>

Detailed Description

Credential type descriptor.

Data Fields

wchar_t * name
khm_int32 id
wchar_t * short_desc
wchar_t * long_desc
khm_handle sub
kcdb_cred_comp_func is_equal
HICON icon

Field Documentation

wchar_t* tag_kcdb_credtype::name

name (less than KCDB_MAXCB_NAME bytes)

wchar_t* tag_kcdb_credtype::short_desc

short localized description (less than KCDB_MAXCB_SHORT_DESC bytes)

wchar_t* tag_kcdb_credtype::long_desc

long localized descriptionn (less than KCDB_MAXCB_LONG_DESC bytes)

khm_handle tag_kcdb_credtype::sub

Subscription for credentials type hander. This should be a valid subscription constructed through a call to kmq_create_subscription() and must handle KMSG_CRED messages that are marked as being sent to type specific subscriptions.

The subscription will be automatically deleted with a call to kmq_delete_subscription() when the credentials type is unregistered.

kcdb_cred_comp_func tag_kcdb_credtype::is_equal

Used as an additional clause when comparing two credentials for equality. The function this is actually a comparison function, it should return zero if the two credentials are equal and non-zero if they are not. The addtional rock parameter is always zero.

It can be assumed that the identity, name and credentials type have already been found to be equal among the credentials and the credential type is the type that is being registered.

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