tag_kconf_schema Struct Reference
[NetIDMgr Configuration Provider]

#include <kconfig.h>

Detailed Description

Configuration schema descriptor record.

The schema descriptor is a convenient way to provide a default set of configuration options for a part of an application. It describes the configuration spaces and the values and subspaces contained in each space.

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Data Fields

wchar_t * name
khm_int32 type
khm_ui_8 value
wchar_t * description

Field Documentation

wchar_t* tag_kconf_schema::name

name of the object being described. Optional for KC_ENDSPACE type object, but required for everything else. Names can be upto KCONF_MAXCCH_NAME characters in length.

khm_int32 tag_kconf_schema::type

type of the object. Can be one of KC_SPACE, KC_ENDSPACE, KC_INT32, KC_INT64, KC_STRING or KC_BINARY

khm_ui_8 tag_kconf_schema::value

the value of the object. It is not used for KC_SPACE and KC_ENDSPACE typed objects. For a KC_STRING, this contains a pointer to the string value. The string should not be longer than KCONF_MAXCCH_STRING characters. KC_INT32 and KC_INT64 objects store the value directly in this field, while KC_BINARY objects do not support defining a default value here.

wchar_t* tag_kconf_schema::description

a friendly description of the value or configuration space.

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