tag_kherr_context Struct Reference
[NetIDMgr Error Reporting]

#include <kherr.h>

Detailed Description

An error context.

Public Member Functions

 TDCL (struct tag_kherr_context)
 QDCL (struct tag_kherr_event)

Data Fields

khm_int32 magic
kherr_serial serial
kherr_severity severity
khm_int32 flags
khm_ui_4 refcount
khm_ui_4 progress_num
khm_ui_4 progress_denom

Field Documentation

khm_int32 tag_kherr_context::magic

Magic number. Always set to KHERR_CONTEXT_MAGIC

kherr_serial tag_kherr_context::serial

Context instance serial number. Context objects themselves may be reused for different contexts as they are freed and reallocated. However every instance of a context is guaranteed to have a unique serial number as specified in this field. If an external entity wants to keep track of the context, it should keep track of the serial number as well as the pointer to the context object.

kherr_severity tag_kherr_context::severity

Severity level. One of the severity levels listed below. This is the severity level of the context and is the maximum severity level of all the events in the queue of events.

khm_int32 tag_kherr_context::flags

Flags. Used internally.

khm_ui_4 tag_kherr_context::refcount

Reference count. Used internally

kherr_event* tag_kherr_context::desc_event

Description event. The event that describes the error context. This points to an event that is not in the event queue.

kherr_event* tag_kherr_context::err_event

Significant event. The last one that caused the severity level to be what it is right now. This points to an event that is listed in the event queue for this context.

khm_ui_4 tag_kherr_context::progress_num

Progress numerator

khm_ui_4 tag_kherr_context::progress_denom

Progress denominator

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