tag_khui_action_context Struct Reference

#include <khaction.h>

Detailed Description

Action context.

Represents the UI context for an action.

Data Fields

khm_int32 magic
khui_scope scope
khm_handle identity
khm_int32 cred_type
khm_handle cred
khui_header headers [KHUI_MAX_HEADERS]
khm_size n_headers
khm_handle credset
khm_size n_sel_creds
void * int_buf
khm_size int_cb_buf
khm_size int_cb_used
void * vparam
khm_size cb_vparam

Field Documentation

khm_int32 tag_khui_action_context::magic


khui_scope tag_khui_action_context::scope

Context scope. One of khui_scope

khm_handle tag_khui_action_context::identity


khm_int32 tag_khui_action_context::cred_type

Credential type ID

khm_handle tag_khui_action_context::cred


khui_header tag_khui_action_context::headers[KHUI_MAX_HEADERS]

The ordered set of outline headers which define the current cursor location.

khm_size tag_khui_action_context::n_headers

Number of actual headers defined above

khm_handle tag_khui_action_context::credset

Handle to a credential set containing the currently selected credentials. When the context is obtained through khui_context_get(), this credential is returned in a sealed state.

khm_size tag_khui_action_context::n_sel_creds

Number of selected credentials

void* tag_khui_action_context::int_buf

Internal. Do not use.

khm_size tag_khui_action_context::int_cb_buf

Internal. Do not use.

khm_size tag_khui_action_context::int_cb_used

Internal. Do not use.

void* tag_khui_action_context::vparam

Optional data

khm_size tag_khui_action_context::cb_vparam

Size of optional data

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