tag_khui_action_ref Struct Reference

#include <khaction.h>

Detailed Description

A reference to an action.

If the flags member has the KHUI_ACTIONREF_PACTION bit set, then the action is referenced by the p_action member of the union. Otherwise the identifier for the action is specified by action member.

Data Fields

int flags
union {
   khm_int32   action
   khui_action *   p_action

Field Documentation

int tag_khui_action_ref::flags

A combination of KHUI_ACTIONREF_*

khm_int32 tag_khui_action_ref::action

The action identifier for the action that is being referrred to. Only valid if KHUI_ACTIONREF_PACTION is not set in flags.

khui_action* tag_khui_action_ref::p_action

A pointer to the khui_action structure that describes the action that is being referred to. Only valid if KHUI_ACTIONREF_PACTION is set.

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