tag_khui_menu_def Struct Reference

#include <khaction.h>

Detailed Description

Menu definition.

Use the khui_menu_create(), khui_menu_insert_action(), khui_menu_insert_paction(), khui_menu_get_size(), khui_menu_get_action() functions to create and manipulate custom menus. Do not manipulate this structure directly as doing so may cause inconsistencies in the UI library.

Data Fields

khm_int32 cmd
khm_int32 state
khm_size n_items
khm_size nc_items

Field Documentation

khm_int32 tag_khui_menu_def::cmd

Action associated with menu

khm_int32 tag_khui_menu_def::state

combination of KHUI_MENUSTATE_*

khm_size tag_khui_menu_def::n_items

The number of actions in the items list. If this is a custom menu, the KHUI_MENUSTATE_ALLOCD bit will be set, and the contents of this field will be valid. Otherwise, the contents of this field is ignored and the list of actions must be terminated with a ACTION_LIST_END action.

khm_size tag_khui_menu_def::nc_items

max number of items in the buffer alocated for items. Ignored if KHUI_MENUSTATE_ALLOCD is not set in state.

khui_action_ref* tag_khui_menu_def::items

Action list terminated by, ACTION_LIST_END. If n_items is set to a value other than -1, the list doesn't necessarily have to end with a ACTION_LIST_END. When constructing a menu using khui_menu_* functions, they will set the size of this list in the n_items member, and there will be no ACTION_LIST_END action to terminate the list.

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