tag_khui_new_creds Struct Reference
[Credentials acquisition]

#include <khnewcred.h>

Detailed Description

New credentials acquisition blob.

A pointer to an object of this type is passed in along with the credentials acquisition messages.

See also:
Managed credential acquisition for more information

Data Fields

khm_int32 magic
khm_int32 subtype
khm_boolean set_default
khm_size n_identities
khm_size nc_identities
khui_action_context ctx
khm_int32 mode
HWND hwnd
tag_khui_new_creds_by_type ** types
khm_size n_types
khm_size nc_types
khm_int32 result
khm_int32 response
wchar_t * password
wchar_t * banner
wchar_t * pname
khm_size n_prompts
khm_size nc_prompts
tag_khui_new_creds_prompt ** prompts
khui_ident_new_creds_cb ident_cb
wchar_t * window_title
LPARAM ident_aux

Field Documentation

khm_int32 tag_khui_new_creds::magic

Internal use

khm_int32 tag_khui_new_creds::subtype

Subtype of the request that is being handled through this object. One of KMSG_CRED_NEW_CREDS, KMSG_CRED_RENEW_CREDS or KMSG_CRED_PASSWORD

CRITICAL_SECTION tag_khui_new_creds::cs

Internal use

khm_boolean tag_khui_new_creds::set_default

After a successfull credentials acquisition, set the primary identity as the default.

khm_handle* tag_khui_new_creds::identities

The list of identities associated with this request. The first identity in this list (identities[0]) is the primary identity.

khm_size tag_khui_new_creds::n_identities

Number of identities in the list identities

khm_size tag_khui_new_creds::nc_identities

Internal use

khui_action_context tag_khui_new_creds::ctx

An action context specifying the context in which the credentials acquisition operation was launced.

khm_int32 tag_khui_new_creds::mode

The mode of the user interface. One of KHUI_NC_MODE_MINI or KHUI_NC_MODE_EXPANDED.

HWND tag_khui_new_creds::hwnd

Handle to the new credentials window.

struct tag_khui_new_creds_by_type** tag_khui_new_creds::types [read]

Internal use

khm_handle* tag_khui_new_creds::type_subs

Internal use

khm_size tag_khui_new_creds::n_types

Internal use

khm_size tag_khui_new_creds::nc_types

Internal use

khm_int32 tag_khui_new_creds::result

One of KHUI_NC_RESULT_CANCEL or KHUI_NC_RESULT_PROCESS indicating the result of the dialog with the user

khm_int32 tag_khui_new_creds::response

Response. See individual message documentation for info on what to do with this field

wchar_t* tag_khui_new_creds::password

Not used.

wchar_t* tag_khui_new_creds::banner

Internal use

wchar_t* tag_khui_new_creds::pname

Internal use

khm_size tag_khui_new_creds::n_prompts

Internal use

khm_size tag_khui_new_creds::nc_prompts

Internal use

struct tag_khui_new_creds_prompt** tag_khui_new_creds::prompts [read]

Internal use

khui_ident_new_creds_cb tag_khui_new_creds::ident_cb

Internal use

wchar_t* tag_khui_new_creds::window_title

Internal use

LPARAM tag_khui_new_creds::ident_aux

Auxilliary field which is reserved for use by the identity provider during the course of conducting this dialog.

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