tag_khui_new_creds_by_type Struct Reference
[Credentials acquisition]

#include <khnewcred.h>

Detailed Description

A descriptor of a panel in the new credentials acquisition tab.

When processing certain credentials messages such as KMSG_CRED_PASSWORD, KMSG_CRED_NEW_CREDS, KMSG_CRED_RENEW_CREDS, a pointer to a khui_new_creds structure will be passed in to the message handler. If the handler of the message needs to add one or more credentials types as participants of the operation, the handler will need to call khui_cw_add_type() and specify a khui_new_creds_by_type structure.

Note that the memory address passed in to the call to khui_cw_add_type() will not be copied. Therefore, the block of memory should remain as-is for the lifetime of the khui_new_creds structure or until it is removed with a call to khui_cw_del_type().

Some of the credentials messages that require specifying a khui_new_creds_by_type structure require providing a user-interface. In these cases, the fields marked for providing a UI may be required to hold valid values. If the message does not require providing a UI, these fields will be ignored.

Data Fields

khm_int32 flags
khm_int32 type
khm_int32 type_deps [KHUI_MAX_TYPE_DEPS]
khm_size n_type_deps
khm_size ordinal
wchar_t * name
HICON icon
wchar_t * tooltip
HMODULE h_module
LPWSTR dlg_template
DLGPROC dlg_proc
HWND hwnd_panel
HWND hwnd_tc
wchar_t * credtext

Field Documentation

khui_new_creds* tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::nc

Internal use. Do not set

khm_int32 tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::flags

Internal use. Do not set

khm_int32 tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::type

The identifier of the credentials type. This is a credentials type identifier allocated with a call to kcdb_credtype_register().

khm_int32 tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::type_deps[KHUI_MAX_TYPE_DEPS]

credentials types that this credential type depends on. Each element defines a credentials type identifier that this type depends on for this operation. The number of valid values in this array should be specified in the n_type_deps field.

khm_size tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::n_type_deps

Number of dependencies listed above. Should be between 0 and KHUI_MAX_TYPE_DEPS. Specify 0 if there are no dependencies.

khm_size tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::ordinal

The requested ordinal. The UI would attempt to place this panel at the reqested order in the list of panels. Set to -1 if the order does not matter. Once the dialog is activated this field will be updated to reflect the actual ordinal of the panel.

wchar_t* tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::name

Name of the panel (localized, optional). If NULL, the localized name of the credentials type is used. Only used if providing a user-interface.

HICON tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::icon

Icon for the panel (optional). Only used if providing a user-interface.

wchar_t* tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::tooltip

Tooltip for the panel (localized, optional). If NULL, no tooltip will be assigned for the panel. Only used if providing a user-interface.

HMODULE tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::h_module

Handle to the module containing the dialog resource. Only used if providing a user-interface.

LPWSTR tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::dlg_template

The dialog resource. Only used if providing a user-interface.

DLGPROC tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::dlg_proc

The dialog procedure. Only used if providing a user-interface.

HWND tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::hwnd_panel

The dialog window. Once the dialog panel is created, a handle to the panel will be assigned here. Note that the handle is assigned after a successful call to CreateDialogParam and hence would not be available when handling the WM_INITDIALOG message from the dialog procedure. Only used of providing a user-interface.

HWND tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::hwnd_tc

Internal use. Do not set

wchar_t* tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::credtext

A brief description of the current state of this cred type. (localized, optional). Only used if providing a user-interface. If this field is non-NULL, then it should point to a NULL terminated string that does not exceed KHUI_MAXCCH_LONG_DESC characters in length including the terminating NULL.

See also:
khui_htwnd for information on how to format the string for this field.

LPARAM tag_khui_new_creds_by_type::aux

auxilliary field. For use by the plug-in.

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