tag_khui_new_creds_prompt Struct Reference
[Credentials acquisition]

#include <khnewcred.h>

Detailed Description

A custom prompt.

Data Fields

khm_size index
khm_int32 type
wchar_t * prompt
wchar_t * def
wchar_t * value
khm_int32 flags
HWND hwnd_static
HWND hwnd_edit

Field Documentation

khm_size tag_khui_new_creds_prompt::index

Set to the zero based index of this prompt.

khm_int32 tag_khui_new_creds_prompt::type


wchar_t* tag_khui_new_creds_prompt::prompt

prompt string. Cannot exceed KHUI_MAXCCH_PROMPT

wchar_t* tag_khui_new_creds_prompt::def

default value. Cannot exceed KHUI_MAXCCH_PROMPT_VALUE

wchar_t* tag_khui_new_creds_prompt::value

On completion, this is set to the value that the user entered. Will not exceed KHUI_MAXCCH_PROMPT_VALUE

khm_int32 tag_khui_new_creds_prompt::flags

Combination of KHUI_NCPROMPT_FLAG_*

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