tag_kmm_plugin_info Struct Reference
[NetIDMgr Module Manager]

#include <kmm.h>

Detailed Description

Plugin information.

Data Fields

kmm_plugin_reg reg
khm_int32 state
khm_int32 failure_count
FILETIME failure_time
khm_int32 failure_reason
kmm_plugin h_plugin
khm_int32 flags

Field Documentation

kmm_plugin_reg tag_kmm_plugin_info::reg

Registration info

khm_int32 tag_kmm_plugin_info::state

Current status of the plugin. One of _kmm_plugin_states

khm_int32 tag_kmm_plugin_info::failure_count

Number of recorded failures in the plugin

FILETIME tag_kmm_plugin_info::failure_time

Time of first recorded failure

khm_int32 tag_kmm_plugin_info::failure_reason

The reason for the first recorded failure

kmm_plugin tag_kmm_plugin_info::h_plugin

Handle to plugin

khm_int32 tag_kmm_plugin_info::flags

Flags for the plugin. Currently this can only specify KMM_PLUGIN_FLAG_DISABLED.

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