tag_kmm_plugin_reg Struct Reference
[NetIDMgr Module Manager]

#include <kmm.h>

Detailed Description

Plugin registration.

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Data Fields

wchar_t * name
wchar_t * module
khm_int32 type
khm_int32 flags
kmq_callback_t msg_proc
wchar_t * dependencies
wchar_t * description
HICON icon

Field Documentation

wchar_t* tag_kmm_plugin_reg::name

Name of the plugin. Maximum of KMM_MAXCCH_NAME characters including the terminating NULL. Required.

wchar_t* tag_kmm_plugin_reg::module

Name of module that owns the plugin. Maximum of KMM_MAXCCH_NAME characters including terminating NULL. Required.

khm_int32 tag_kmm_plugin_reg::type

Type plugin type. One of KHM_PITYPE_*. Required.

khm_int32 tag_kmm_plugin_reg::flags

Unused. Set to 0

kmq_callback_t tag_kmm_plugin_reg::msg_proc

Message processor. Required.

wchar_t* tag_kmm_plugin_reg::dependencies

Dependencies. Note that this is a multi string. (you can use the KHC multi string functions to manipulate multi strings or to convert a comma separated list of dependencies to a multi string). Each string in the multi string is a name of a plugin that this plugin depends on. Optional (set to NULL if this plugin has no dependencies). Maximum of KMM_MAXCCH_DEPS characters including terminating double NULL.

wchar_t* tag_kmm_plugin_reg::description

Description of the plugin. Maximum of KMM_MAXCCH_DESC characters including the terminating NULL. Localized. Optional (set to NULL if not provided)

HICON tag_kmm_plugin_reg::icon

Icon used to represent the plugin. Optional. (set to NULL if not provided)

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