tag_kmq_message Struct Reference
[NetIDMgr Message Queue]

#include <kmq.h>

Detailed Description

A single message.

Public Member Functions

 LDCL (struct tag_kmq_message)

Data Fields

khm_int32 type
khm_int32 subtype
khm_ui_4 uparam
void * vparam
khm_int32 nSent
khm_int32 nCompleted
khm_int32 nFailed
HANDLE wait_o
kmq_timer timeSent
kmq_timer timeExpire
khm_boolean aborted
khm_int32 refcount

Member Function Documentation

tag_kmq_message::LDCL ( struct  tag_kmq_message  ) 

Internal use

Field Documentation

khm_int32 tag_kmq_message::type

Type of message

khm_int32 tag_kmq_message::subtype

Subtype of message

khm_ui_4 tag_kmq_message::uparam

Integer parameter

void* tag_kmq_message::vparam

Pointer to parameter blob

khm_int32 tag_kmq_message::nSent

Number of instances of message sent (for broadcast messages)

khm_int32 tag_kmq_message::nCompleted

Number of instances that have completed processing (for broadcast messages)

khm_int32 tag_kmq_message::nFailed

Number of instances that failed to process (for broadcast messages)

kmq_response* tag_kmq_message::responses

List of responses

HANDLE tag_kmq_message::wait_o

Event to wait on (only valid if the publisher of the message requested a handle to the call)

kmq_timer tag_kmq_message::timeSent

Time at which the message was sent

kmq_timer tag_kmq_message::timeExpire

Time at which the message expires

kherr_context* tag_kmq_message::err_ctx

Error context for the message

khm_boolean tag_kmq_message::aborted

TRUE if the message has been aborted.

khm_int32 tag_kmq_message::refcount

Internal use

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