tag_kmq_msg_subscription Struct Reference

#include <kmqinternal.h>

Detailed Description

Message subscription.

A subscription binds a recipient with a message type. These are specific to a thread. I.e. a subscription that was made in one thread will not receive messages in the context of another thread.

Public Member Functions

 LDCL (struct tag_kmq_msg_subscription)

Data Fields

khm_int32 magic
khm_int32 type
khm_int32 rcpt_type
union {
   kmq_callback_t   cb
   HWND   hwnd

Field Documentation

khm_int32 tag_kmq_msg_subscription::magic

Magic number. Should always be KMQ_MSG_SUB_MAGIC

khm_int32 tag_kmq_msg_subscription::type

Type of message

khm_int32 tag_kmq_msg_subscription::rcpt_type

Type of recipient. One of KMQ_RCPTTYPE_CB or KMQ_RCPTTYPE_HWND

kmq_callback_t tag_kmq_msg_subscription::cb

Callback if the subscription is of callback type

HWND tag_kmq_msg_subscription::hwnd

Window handle if the subscription is a windows message type

kmq_queue* tag_kmq_msg_subscription::queue

Associated queue

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