tag_kmq_queue Struct Reference

#include <kmqinternal.h>

Detailed Description

Message queue.

Each thread gets its own message queue. When a message is broadcast to which there is a subscriber in a particular thread, a reference to the message is placed in the message queue of the thread. The dispatch procedure then dispatches the message as described in the message reference.

Public Member Functions

 QDCL (kmq_message_ref)
 LDCL (struct tag_kmq_queue)

Data Fields

kmq_thread_id thread
HANDLE wait_o
khm_int32 load
kmq_timer last_post
khm_int32 flags

Member Function Documentation

tag_kmq_queue::QDCL ( kmq_message_ref   ) 

Queue of message references

Field Documentation

kmq_thread_id tag_kmq_queue::thread

The thread id

khm_int32 tag_kmq_queue::load

Number of messages waiting to be processed on this message queue.

kmq_timer tag_kmq_queue::last_post

Time the last message was received

khm_int32 tag_kmq_queue::flags

Flags. Currently, it's just KMQ_QUEUE_FLAG_DELETED

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