Network Identity Manager

o+Network Identity Manager


|o+Core definitions

|o+NetIDMgr errors

|o+NetIDMgr Configuration Provider

|o+NetIDMgr Credentials Database


||o+Credential sets and individual credentials

|||o+Credential sets



||o+Credential attribute types

||o+Credential attributes

||o+Credential types

||o+Generic access to buffer


||\+Data Structures

|o+NetIDMgr Message Queue

||o+Message Types




||\+Data Structures

|o+User Interface


||o+Alerter and Error Reporting

||o+Configuration Panels


||o+Credentials acquisition

||o+Property sheets

||o+Connecting to NetIDMgr from another process

||o+Duration sliders




|o+NetIDMgr Module Manager

|\+NetIDMgr Error Reporting

o+Data Structures

o*Data Fields

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