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Support Options

Secure Endpoints Inc. offers a variety of support plans for Network Authentication Technologies including Network Identity Manager, Kerberos, GSS-API, SASL, TLS, and PKIX

Network Authentication Technologies

Secure Endpoints Inc. provides technical and development support for the following Network Authentication technologies

Per Incident Support
(US$225 per hour; minimum 4 hours or US$900)

Bronze Level Support
(US$4995 per year)

Silver Level Support
(US$14,995 per year)

As above for Bronze Level Support, plus:

Gold Level Support
(US$29,995 per year)

As above for Silver Level Support, plus:

On-call Services
(US$15,000 per year)

Enhance the Silver and Gold Support options with On-call Services.  Receive one hour response 24 hours a day in case of critical need.